Sunday, August 15, 2010

Been a long time

So I lapsed on the blog writing. I stopped writing because I accumulated so many topics to write about that it became a bit overwhelming and then I just ended up not writing anything. Since my last real post I left Tanzania, finished my thesis, graduated, had a little heart break, went to India for a month, moved back to Texas (hopefully temporarily), and am now filling my days playing housekeeper and front desk clerk at my parent's hotel. I've also been planning my brother's wedding...I can check off wedding planning on my list of possible careers, NEVER will I do it! A good thing about being home is that I have found time to discover the ever wonderful, happy inducing Glee!

Right now I'm searching for a job, which is proving to be a frustrating process. I find myself thinking more about starting my own project than looking for a job, which is obviously not going to get me anywhere because without a job I have no capital!

Otherwise my life is at a bit of a standstill. I want to move to D.C. or NY but haven't built up the courage to move without even a job lead. So for the moment I feel very unsettled, in between what I've experienced and what is to come. Perhaps I'm supposed to use this time to process and understand, which is what I will try to use this space for. I'm also hoping this little unread blog of mine will help me push myself out of this rut before I become a fat couch potato blob.

So Linus (above) and Charlie (below) are keeping me sane while I'm home.