Friday, August 28, 2009

My Next Move

Been a looooong time. Soon I'll be posting photos from Tanzania, my home for the next 6 months. When I think about the fact that all the people I met a year ago at our master's orientation are now scattered across the globe from Tajikistan to Haiti to NYC, I'm in awe. It's exciting to think that by May 2010 we will all arrive back from all the corners of the world to the small town of Waltham, MA to share our experiences. Right now though, I admit I'm a bit nervous about the work and the environment. I've done this multiple times now, but the pre-departure still hasn't gotten easier. It's a mix of emotions that I can't process because I'm too busy taking care of logistics. That's why I love the plane ride. Traveling across the globe provides hours of solitude to process everything so that when I land in Dar es Salaam, I'll feel a bit more organized emotionally and logistically. One thing I really look forward to is hopefully, getting out of my photography slump. Since I've been home I haven't had much desire to take any photos, lack of inspiration and pure laziness. : ) Besides photos, I'll hopefully, also get out of my development slump. I must admit, I haven't been on top of the development world. Instead I've been consumed with playing receptionist, housekeeper, and tending to other hotel matters. Sometimes I feel I live in two different worlds, development and hotel business. I need to learn to live in both worlds without having to create such a huge divide between the day.

I will try my hardest to write more often. A plane ride of processing the last few months should bring me back to this blog, whether people read it or not. : )